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Crimson Consulting Team

Tim Joel
Crimson International Group

Tim served in the FBI for 20 years, working in various fields of investigation.  Tim’s expertise lies in money laundering and criminal investigation. He also has experience in counter-intelligence, as well as counter-terrorism investigations.  Prior to the FBI, Tim was a United States Naval Officer for over ten years and has extensive overseas experience, especially in the East Asia regions, including visits to Japan, Korea, China, to name few.  Tim graduated from Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Science and his background and expertise lies in East Asian affairs, and Education.  Tim speaks fluent Korean and Japanese, having been tested and qualified in both languages at the Federal Government level.

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Dean Mitchell
Financial Lending Director
Crimson International Group / Gold Financial

Dean has over 25 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry, including positions as Vice President of Citibank.  Dean is Financial Lending Director dealing with investment, money transfers, and lending. Dean is expert on investigations pertaining to finance and banking industry.  Dean will also provide his expertise on overseas money transfers, as well as the commercial and residential lending-related investigations.  Dean graduated from George Mason University in Business Administration.  

Kevin Griffin
Vice President
Crimson International Group / Quest Consultants

Kevin was an FBI Special Agent with 20 years of experience investigating criminal enterprises including international drug traffickers, terrorism and public corruption. Kevin managed investigation into public corruption in Broward County, Florida which led to conviction of multiple elected officials deemed by local media as the largest public corruption scandal in Broward County history.  He was subsequently awarded the FBI Meritorious Achievement Medal for actions taken during the kidnapping attempt by a Colombian Drug Trafficking Organization.  Kevin graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and served as an Air Force officer attaining the rank of Captain. Kevin is a licensed Private Investigator in California. 

Gene Bare
Financial Advisor / Interview & Essay Specialist
Crimson International Group

Genevieve is a former investment banker with extensive experience in the finance industry and Wall Street.  Jen joined Crimson as financial advisor and Private Investigator.  Jen is an expert in dealing with various database resources and complex forensic accounting and conducts comprehensive record checks for financial related transactions. Jen is also a spokesperson for Crimson on all media related matters.

Mike Tomasello
Financial Analyst
Crimson International Group
Tim G.jpg
Timothy Garrett
Financial Analyst
Crimson International Group

Tim served in the FBI for over 12 years working as a Financial Operations Specialist, and his expertise lies in applying accounting and financial management concepts to laws and regulations.  In the FBI, Tim has performed a range of financial procedures pertaining to classifying, reconciling, recording, and reporting accounting data in support of various financial-related investigations.  Prior to the FBI, Tim served in the United States Navy for over 25 years and has extensive overseas experience serving in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Italy.  Tim is a graduate of Webster University and possesses Master of Arts degree in Management.

John Case
Legal Counsel 
Crimson International Group

John is an attorney and a licensed California Real Estate Broker in San Diego California.  John graduated from University of California, San Diego, with a BA in Communication, and completed his legal studies at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law where he earned a Juris Doctor degree.  John is expert on legal processing involving real estate transaction and small businesses licensing.  John will also assist in immigration law and EB-5 application process.

Jeanie Lee
College Consulting & Essay Writing Advisor
Crimson International Group

     Jeanie possesses an exceptional talent in writing skills; therefore, she has been assigned as the primary Essay Writing Adviser.  Jeanie is skilled in behavioral analysis and human psychology. Jeanie also has knowledge in the Korean language and Asian cultures that are critical in assisting our international clients.  Jeanie is a UCLA graduate with her degree in Philosophy and studies in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Human Mind Analysis.  Jeanie assists in operations and administration in CECCs San Diego and Irvine headquarters.

Yong Rok Kim
Seoul Branch Director
Crimson International Group

Mr. Kim worked for the South Korean Presidential Blue House for 9 years.  He has vast amounts of knowledge and his expertise is in security operations.  Mr. Kim is highly articulate, and his organizational skills is one of the best.  Mr. Kim possesses critical knowledge needed in operations, administration, and logistics in Seoul's field office.  He was personally chosen by the partners of Crimson among many candidates to head the Seoul office.

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