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Crimson Education & Consulting (CEC)

Crimson Sponsored Private Schools in San Diego  

Crimson has exclusive contracts and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with three, top-rated private schools in San Diego, California.

Maranatha Christian Private School (K-12th grade) is a highly rated, Christian private institution in the Del Sur area of San Diego, California.  The area of Del Sur is known for its top-quality school and education (www.maranathachristianschools.com).

Horizon Prep Private School (K-12) is located in San Diego’s prime area, known as Rancho Santa Fe.  Horizon is known for its high-quality education program, and it is a top-rated educational institution in the area (www.horizonprep.edu).

Cathedral Catholic Private High School (9-12) is located in the Rancho Santa Fe area and is one of the top-rated private high school in the San Diego area (www.cathedralcatholic.edu).


“Exclusive” Guardian Homestay Program at Palacio Santa Fe


Crimson Education and Consulting (CEC) operates its own in-house homestay program – bring your students to live and study at our beautiful and spacious Palacio Santa Fe!


Crimson Palacio Santa Fe is a premium estate located near Rancho Santa Fe; It is located next to the above top three private schools, providing easy access to these institutions. 

Crimson owns and operates the Palacio Santa Fe estate and complex; therefore, it has strict control and access of this private property, providing a safe and secure place to live and study.

Crimson Investigation & Services (CIS)

CIS Private Investigators are former FBI Special Agents:

We are qualified and licensed investigators, ready to provide an effective Protection Detail. 

Personnel Protection & Transportation Service:


Armed Transportation (Escort) Service takes place in a large and protected, Crimson-owned SUV (Cadillac Escalade), and provides a Special Protection Detail for VIPs during their visits to USA.

Crimson agents will “discreetly” pick up VIPs from any airport and transport them in Crimson SUVs for safety to their destinations

Crimson provide special VIPs with Crimson-owned “safe house” for lodging and provide armed security detail for total privacy and security (Contact us for more information on this program).

Security and Safety Consultation and Advisement:


Crimson provides legal services for overseas visitors who encounter any legal issues with the police and/or the law during their stay in the USA (Crimson has Korean, Japanese, and Chinese-speaking employees on-hand).


Crimson can serve as your local legal representation in the event of an emergency and for any encounter with the local laws during the visit to the USA.


Crimson can address any safety and security related concerns and questions regarding to visiting and staying in the USA, including all visa and immigration issues.

Background Investigation and Personnel Location:


Crimson conducts personnel background checks, including education, work experience, and asset verification.

Crimson can verify company/corporation background, asset and contract verification, and authorizations.

Property and Asset Protection:


Crimson provides consultation in asset protection and overseas asset transfers.

Crimson conducts background checks and other verification for international business dealings in order to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Crimson assists in permanent resident visa applications, utilizing its own in-house attorneys, and assists in facilitating their applications through the Immigration and Naturalization Services (see also our EB-5 Program in the website).

EB-5 Leadership & Expertise in Financial Structuring

Crimson International staff has substantial experience in finance and expert lending, and along with our EB-5 attorneys and the established partnership with a construction company (Rancho Developers), we have an effective and efficient EB-5 service program in place. 


Crimson has established a successful EB-5 program financing with an emphasis on real estate developments.  

Rigorous Due Diligence in Investment Projects

Crimson International Group works closely with Gold Financial, Rancho Developers Construction Company, and our own Crimson Investigation team and one other independent private investigation company to ensure that a rigorous due diligence process is applied in selecting projects for investment. This is to completely safeguard investment funds and projects.  Our qualification is our reputation. 


Our analysis includes a review of the project’s feasibility, and the associated sources and uses of funds. It also includes a review of the development team’s business reputation and commitment to creating qualifying jobs. 


On the investigation side, we use all of our resources to conduct Due Diligence investigation and background checks on all participating members and companies to ensure safety and trustworthiness.  We are committed to sourcing the highest quality EB-5 projects available.

International Multi-Cultural Experts

At Crimson International Group, we are multi-cultural experts stemming from South Korea, Japan, and recently China.  CIG has an office and representative in Seoul, Korea who is available and ready to provide expert consultation in regard to our EB-5 Visa Program. 


The Crimson team has a breadth of experience in working with cultures around the globe, particularly working with the Korean market.  CIG's talented multi-cultural, multi-lingual staff will help to facilitate a smooth, efficient, and successful EB-5 Visa Program investment.

Asset Management Talent & Highest Standards

Gold Financial, in cooperation with Crimson International, has an exceptional asset management team with decades of experience overseeing the financing and investment management in a broad range of projects.  Our team will work in cooperation to diligently satisfy job creation requirements while preserving capital and meeting budget and timeline mandates for our EB-5 program.

Our Program and Services

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